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  1. Under-hood mods
  2. 2009 Dodge Challenger Drack Pack
  3. 2009 Mopar Performance Catalog
  4. Just ordered my spoiler ... and other stuff ...
  5. How to thread
  6. I want this windshield decal!!!
  7. Cross over mods
  8. Dyno/Tune Day on March 14th!!!!!!
  9. Very inexpensive MOD & so far my favorite!
  10. Corsa
  11. Talon's Blown 6.1L By Vortech
  12. 5.7 coolant details
  13. Painted washer nozzles
  14. Maintenance schedule discussion
  15. 30 Ford Coupe with a 528 HEMI
  16. Fasteners and retainers
  17. wish these were out before i got their other kind of halos
  18. Has anyone seen or heard of these??
  19. anyone interested in red halos for their charger headlights?
  20. A little moddin; who ME??? Ya that's WHO!
  21. steer clear of Revolution Motorsports
  22. New R1 drilled/slotted rotors are here!
  23. Installed my Billet Tech "pink shifter thingy" replacement
  24. New mod, kind of
  25. BT ported throttle body - with before and after pics
  26. Couple new mods done today ...
  27. New catch can bracket
  28. My new Billet Tech shifter knob
  29. More BT goodies
  30. Help........We need new mod's
  31. Blacked out my JBA tips
  32. My heads/cam install
  33. Painted coolant overflow tank
  34. My leather/chrome door pulls install write-up
  35. Lighted exhaust tips for Tee's R/T magnum!
  36. Painted my throttle body flat black
  37. Finally installed BND / Quantum Blue t-case and rear-diff fluids
  38. NOW... I'm "Poutin" like a little kid!!! ~LOL~
  39. Ported Intake, Throttle Body & Headers
  40. I installed new LMI "Hammer Design" intake today!
  41. Diablo discussion
  42. Diablo Predator, where to buy one?
  43. Lets talk about exhausts!
  44. Welded Mad Eyes - on a budget!
  45. in the works: Fully Electronic Linelock kit
  46. New Mod installed during Spring Fest
  47. WOW, what an amazing surprise!!!
  48. Trip to 3GCustomz for THIS!!! Oh yeah!!!
  49. HOLY SMOKES ~ Tee gets another MOD today!!!
  50. Worked on my SRT all day yesterday!!!
  51. what should i do for my next mod???
  52. PaPaJohn is a TRUE CRAFTSMAN!!! WOW!!!
  53. DiabloSport Predator, finally on my Challenger SRT8 ...
  54. My THREE week MOD!!!
  55. A "MOD" day by my wife Tee and I...
  56. Mod day pics 5-15-10
  57. Best front end protection
  58. Installed my engine covers from 3GCustomz
  59. Well I really done it NOW>....
  60. Power steering pump replacement
  61. My latest MOD: Half covers for my R/T!
  62. Ah Ha, got our BT "Pinky Things" today too!
  63. Still messing with the MODS on my SRT...
  64. Mopar Accessory Mudguards....
  65. LoneStar's mods for winter 2010
  66. Giving your Shifter the boot
  67. A slide show of all my shifter knobs.
  68. A belated birthday gift from Tee.
  69. PLEASE HELP!!!Annoying clunking noise in front end
  70. Tight Steerting
  71. 6-Speed Shifter Boot for Auto Shifter
  72. Finished buffing BLUE; now added some vinyls.
  73. Taillight trim for new Challenger
  74. Trunk Liner Installed
  75. Got the CAI Pipeline from Fastlane
  76. Pushbar for new Challenger
  77. Received my NEW PappaJohns Pistol Grip Shifter knob today!
  78. Another MOD to my "Test Mule" = BLUE
  79. A very nice birthday present from the WIFE!
  80. My wife Tee gets DMH Electric Cut Outs!
  81. Blue get Blastin' Bobs Reso delete kit.
  82. Been AWHILE ~ a MOD to my 05 R/T (LUCKY)
  83. My wife Tee's DEMON CAR gets some LOVE!!!
  84. Rec'd 3 Catch Cans today; ONE installed!
  85. Woo Hoo; A PRODUCTIVE DAY!!!
  86. Sigh; My new MOD goes BUST!
  87. Blue's single Hood Scoop!
  88. Built a wood floor for "BLUE" today.
  89. A MOD I traded for may go BUST!
  90. Door lights installed
  91. Finally a few mods to Tee's 300SRT "MIRACLE"
  92. Bought Tee New GREEN HID Kit!
  93. Tee gets a stereo system for her 300SRT!
  94. Dang, I want to get this hood painted!
  95. Received my NEW BT rear hatch emblem today.
  96. Installed my new Catch Can Brackets.
  97. Replaced my Black ABS cover with the new one.
  98. Sigh; my ProCharger Grenaded itself = SAD!
  99. Too much time on my hands; PROBABLY = MINI MODS.
  100. trunk liner
  101. My ProCharger is in for rebuild!
  102. To keep from going insane; a new MOD to LUCKY
  103. Woo Hoo, My ProCharger D1 Head Unit is on it's way.
  104. My $30 Door Sill Mod.
  105. Finally got my TUNE appt. @ Arringtons.
  106. Hadta do somethin' today.
  107. Installing Plasmas
  108. A 'LiL more moddin' to Tee's 300SRT
  109. Won some window shades at the Shindig.
  110. Hard days work; then some Moddin'.
  111. Front spoiler braces
  112. Installed New billet hose bling on LUCKY.
  113. Received my Strong Arm Rear Hatch Struts today.
  114. Problems with my S/C 300SRT
  115. Added some under hood and grille lights to my 300SRT today.