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  1. Youtube videos
  2. Chrysler Firepower Ride
  3. My exhaust set-up video / sound clip
  4. Wet ride home - song lyrics NWS
  5. 4.72-second 0-60 run on 20" rims/tires
  6. For the cat & dog lovers
  7. Diesel Dodge Ram on 35" tires running 12.8 in the 1/4
  8. Diesel exhaust by sox / 300C CRD
  9. Check this Practice Session
  10. Some FUN hits
  11. Snowy ride - 4 min 12.19.2008
  12. Learning to drive a stick shift! LOL
  13. New mod: sequential rear blinkers
  14. Cjcady73's Blastin Bob's 7db
  15. Created a new slideshow of one of my toys; a NEON
  16. Slide show of one of my other cars...
  17. Another slide show... My 2006 Mag SRT8
  18. Hard accel on snow - AWD launch !!!
  19. My MSRT
  20. Trying to be like AWD_Gabe!!!!!!
  21. what glasspack exhaust sounds like;)
  22. Nissan GT-R
  23. Burn out
  24. Sidewinder cam
  25. Some Videos
  26. Finally took the "SHADOW" out for a cruise!!!
  27. How Diablosport Tuners are made
  28. Hurst Challenger
  29. How to Recognize a Blonde Antelope
  30. How NOT to pull your buddy out of the mud
  31. Twin supercharged Dodge Challenger Burnout
  32. Smart Hayabusa
  33. LoneStar and 08Bee's Dyno run clips
  34. First Run
  35. FRI Street/Strip heads and Sparrow cam idle
  36. Ridable R/C, I want one of these.
  37. Nothing mind blowing, but...
  38. Spring Fest 2009 Main Event Video
  39. Check this out
  40. Trip to California
  41. Mopar's at the Rock
  42. 2010 Camero SS at the track
  43. Bubbadog's summer time video
  44. A day of hot laps around the Milwaukee Mile
  45. Texas Motor Speedway - Laps For Charity 5-9-09
  46. Video's at Great Lakes Dragway, Union Grove, WI.
  47. Disney's "Cars" new preview clip!
  48. Drifting, **old school**
  49. In honor of our new brethren
  50. Lets go for a ride with my Fcar in Athens
  51. New Spartan Max Cam Installed
  52. RMR Bracket Time Racing
  53. MAN, you gotta see this video! COOL!!!
  54. New light for my Maggie
  55. Going up MT Washington,NH
  56. My pics from the Southeast Shindig 09
  57. New video of my exhaust and other things
  58. Rally car hits a horse..!
  59. $250k Lamborghini returned under the lemon law..!
  60. Iacocca Mustang
  61. AJ wins Trophy Street class at Redline
  62. Funny Commercials
  63. How NOT to drive a forklift....
  64. What tool would you use to keep your freedom?
  65. Cruising NJ Roads with my 300CSRT8
  66. Arab Tech meets German Engineering
  67. Some verrry nice old Mopars!
  68. Knight Rider Lights Done
  69. This is just pathetic ! (Ferrari F360 in snow)
  70. Female bobsledder rips suit..! NSFW
  71. Hot Viper
  72. Fun day with the Challenger
  73. Mopar Theme SONG??? "Mopar or NO CAR!"
  74. Dodge Charger Police Car Burnouts
  75. Great Bud Light commercial!!!
  76. Rush Hour Karting - Triangle Mopars
  77. Drag Videos
  78. Wot 60-90
  79. Impossible highway accident video
  80. Drag racing video
  81. My new Chally, first video
  82. Challenger Corsa exhaust
  83. My New Challenger ToRed SRT8 overview, Video
  84. A ride in Athens Greece with the new Challenger SRT8
  85. My dyno day!! Video
  86. Beat a mustang cobra!! {almost} video
  87. My best pass
  88. I bet you can't parallel park better than this little girl
  89. Fun night at the track{video}
  90. Hey Lefteris! Abarth on 2 wheels!
  91. Hemi Billet Inlet Manifold Video
  92. Alan at Redline Raceway 5/7/10
  93. New idle vid - hi-flow cats installed
  94. BP spills coffee (video skit / parody)
  95. Gatlinburg cruise through town
  96. Gatlinburg Cruise
  97. A little much, but would still hate to see it in my mirror!!!
  98. Challenger 1/8 mile
  99. The Charger , The other car...........
  100. General Lee Hellas
  101. Caution!, concentrated stupidity captured on video
  102. Best car commercial EVER - NISSAN
  103. What would you think about a solar road?
  104. NO time to take out the mag; so I drove THIS!
  105. Slide show of our local clubs' Anniversary Bash!
  106. Hungarian Drifting - topless!?
  107. Sunday Drive, Highlands SC
  108. A small slide show of my OTHER Dodge.
  109. Fiat 500 Ad Chrysler Will Never Show Us, in the U.S.
  110. Beautiful Viper Burnout
  111. Park the car - FAIL
  112. The first U.S. Fiat commercial
  113. Jay Leno and the Petty signature Challenger
  114. Shelby GT500 blown - up!
  115. Video of Tilted Kilt Show, Charlotte, NC
  116. Tee's VIDEO of her DMH electric CUTOUTS!!!
  117. A video of my latest toys...
  118. Video of my SuperCharged 300SRT
  119. What I've been up to...
  120. Cuda on the Nurburgring
  121. Dodge Law!