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  1. Charger Computer Mouse
  2. Christmas Gifts List!
  3. What's everybody into ?
  4. Post up them winter & snow pictures
  5. MySpace, Facebook & Other Social Pages
  6. Barack Obama 300C on eBay?
  7. Police Car of the future?
  8. Funny pic I've collected over time ... post yours
  9. Thank you Lefteris!
  10. What does your name mean
  11. Merry Christmas to All
  12. Funny story
  13. What was under your Christmas Tree?
  14. Police Union Offers Cash Reward For Driver's Arrest
  15. Ten Cars And The Type Of Women They Attract
  16. Kids .. letters to God!
  17. Happy 2009
  18. Happy New Year 2009, everyone!!!
  19. Spreading the WORD; SRT8.EU
  20. 1st work day of the new year
  21. stereotypes
  22. Your Best TV Shows of All-TIME
  23. Saw this on the back of a car... CUTE!
  24. Yikes, got the dreaded phone call!!!
  25. One of my other hobbies! 1/24 Diecast cars.
  26. Meet & Greet in Richmond, Virginia
  27. Wow, possible record lows in the Carolinas!
  28. Found my FAVORITE picture of all time!!!
  29. Plain Down New York to Carolina
  30. Barrett- Jackson
  31. I was getting "withdrawal symptoms"!!!
  32. Dang.... it just too COLD for Rusty; my dog!!!
  33. Welcome to our new Boss
  34. 10 reasons to date a street racer
  35. The Weather Thread - How is the weather today in your town?
  36. How to recognize a blonde antelope
  37. Wish me luck; heading for heart surgery @ Asheville VA hospital!
  38. camera questions
  39. New Shoes
  40. Air Force One
  41. Charger wrecked on I-40
  42. Delaware Meet and Greet...
  43. Things look different after a few drinks
  44. OMG... it's so windy out; almost knocked me down!
  45. Reading the forum at work
  46. Man, the mornings are RUFF!
  47. Worst January ever for Dow, S&P 500
  48. Obama blasts bonuses for struggling Wall Street
  49. Sos.spilled.beer.on.keyboard!!!
  50. Poll superbowl winner!
  51. Yuck; 1st of the month; bill payin' day!!!
  52. Record high ambient temps over here!
  53. PA guys... taken over???
  54. Has anyone used Armor All with glitter?
  55. They need our help..
  56. Got our first snow of the year last night!!!
  57. Your pets here!
  58. HALO Warthog
  59. OMG... it's Friday; didn't relize it!
  60. Cruised in the SHADOW TODAY, Kinda!!!
  61. Racing season starting
  62. Wish me luck Surgery Tomorrow
  63. Post up your toy pic's
  64. Restaurants too crowded for Valentine's DAY???
  65. Bush fires in the land of Aus
  66. Ol' Blue (joke)
  67. How do all these guys get my number???
  68. Happy valentine's day!
  69. First post with my new Blackberry phone!
  70. OK...OK.... who's shootin' at ME?????
  71. Another not so good day for me!!!
  72. WOW, I've been nominated for "COTM" on Dodge Forums!!!
  73. Check out this email I got from a friend
  74. North Carolina is a RIP OFF!!!
  75. Check out this 15 year old cartoon!!!
  76. Asking the wife IF I could mod mine!!!????
  77. Radglenn B-day
  78. You know your car is FAST when...........
  79. Geesh, guess the last laugh was on me!!!
  80. New Milestone: 6000th post for me on CUSTOM MAGNUMS!
  81. LOL, and I thought I was loved on the other forum!!!
  82. ***NWS*** Prank On Wife Goes Terribly....WRONG!!!!!
  83. Cool bird!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. Well here we go again
  85. Uh Oh, with all this snow, we may lose power!
  86. Uh Oh... Am I talkin' too much??? LOL
  87. Official Fail Thread
  88. Loss of My Cat..........Very Tragic :(
  89. "Geezer Rock" Rules !
  90. Travel Thread :)
  91. Laminated some more paper work for my Magnum SRT
  92. Happy Birthday crazylikeacharger
  93. test
  94. Yard work is HE!!
  95. Are you a Democrat, Republican, or Texan?
  96. Work in progress (my beginning airbrush home studio)
  97. FYI.. I updated my PHOTO ALBUM!
  98. Facts of Life..
  99. Maybe you're not that bad off after all!
  100. So, ya really wanna know why my 06 Mag, "SHADOW", has less than 5500 miles!
  101. Ouch!!!
  102. Just wanted to say "Happy St. Patrick's Day"!
  103. There is something wrong
  104. Finally pictures of my 3D Decals & a short cruise in the SHADOW!
  105. Who is watching Who???
  106. Favorite car movie
  107. Magneto Reluctor....? lol you gotta watch this
  108. Allen Samuels
  109. Lets see those TOOL BOXES!!!
  110. A Memorial for 9/11 from Russia
  111. Hadta Begged the Dr. to go to the MOPAR SHOW OFF!
  112. Recipe thread
  113. Happy Birthday Lefteris
  114. Fast and Furious
  115. Happy Birthday LoneStar
  116. Crazy Idea, $200, Spray Paint and a Sawzall
  117. New NightMare decals installed (with pic's)
  118. Lefteris DOES DAM GOOD DECAL WORK!!
  119. It's Mine It's Mine
  120. Crappy Crappy Crappy day
  121. I Need a job bad
  122. Help... looking for some items for the magnum!
  123. I got 3 tickets today...
  124. Got this email yesterday
  125. SWEET. 3 tickets yesterday and an accident today...
  126. Tags, Tint And Speed! Another Ticket Story.
  127. I'll be off for a few days; BBQ in Maryland!!!
  128. New Toy!
  129. srt totals srt
  130. Got lotsa news to share, but NOT tonight!
  131. More pictures from MARYLAND BBQ!
  132. Detailed the car today & NOW RAIN!!!
  133. happy mothers day
  134. Happy Birthday doughboy43...!!!
  135. Our 06 Mag SXT "THE DEMON" is finally running!
  136. Got Milk ?
  137. LEO memorial (pic heavy)
  138. What's wrong with my computer????
  139. My friend JayAlbert take two trophies at two different shows in ONE DAY!!!
  140. Meet my late birthday present guys!! {puppy}
  141. Our Car the "DEMON" STRIKES AGAIN!!!
  142. Charger in the shop....
  143. Official "clean"joke thread
  144. Close Call
  145. Welcome to the 5.9 picture show!!
  146. BOY, THAT was a GOOD DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Finally a minor MOD on our "Demon" car!!!
  148. 2 Reason why my local park won't like me!!!
  149. Looking to put together a srtv8.com calendar and need pics
  150. great gift that is years away
  151. Carolina Magnum gets another HEMI!!! ???
  152. first self oil change.
  153. hillarious rice "bomb" video lol
  154. Happy Birthday Diablo Verde!
  155. Good thing its friday
  156. Anyone else having problems with this forum?
  157. AAAARRRRGGGGG I just can't catch a break....
  158. Please welcome our NEWEST family member!
  159. Time to go all Dave Ramsey on my Debt
  160. Never to soon to learn
  161. More BT Stuff
  162. Spent all afternoon detail the wife's car... No, not that one... the other ONE!!!
  163. Fathers Day
  164. I'm pooped; a rough "detail day"!!!
  165. Michael Jackson, a true legend in his own time
  166. look what I found
  167. Look who's coming to dinner????
  168. Great drive planned for Friday.
  169. Started my paper Trail on my 05 R/T, I call "LUCKY"!
  170. A good video music
  171. Crazylikeacharger; THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!
  172. Want to share a Story about my wife, Tee!
  173. My wife Tee ordered me a Big Bully Catch Can!!! WOW!
  174. Finally a change in my luck
  175. The GREAT "HAZMAN" does it again!!!!
  176. Hospital Trip
  177. got bored so look what i did
  178. Flea market moddin' again.....
  179. Worried about lack of forum traffic
  180. Bumped some threads "To The Top"!!!
  181. Just got a new dog
  182. New Baby Girl
  183. Got my CAI installed!
  184. He!! to get old, but ENUFF is ENUFF!!!
  185. Well this was embarrassing!!! LOL
  186. This picture oughta win an OSCAR!!!
  187. My Trip to Chicago
  188. Must love Georgia; heading back this Friday!!!
  189. Lefteris, fires in Greece
  190. Man arrested in NM for 22nd drunk driving offense
  191. Jim is my NAME; Burnin' rubber is my GAME!
  192. Dread tomorrow; two VA Dr's appoints!
  193. Im entering in my first car show sat sept 12th
  194. A few pics of BOTH the chargers in my family
  195. Check out my new MAGNUM R/T shirt!!!
  196. Another score @ the FLEAMARKET! A HUGE 300 SRT radio controlled car!
  197. Haven't been on much; down in the dumps!
  198. The job saga continues.......
  199. Who esle plays WoW?
  200. LOOK OUT; do you know me???
  201. Coming to the Raleigh/Durham VA Hospital.
  202. A couple of NEW vinyls on my 05 R/T (LUCKY)
  203. New windshield decal for Tee SXT (THE DEMON)
  204. Just detailed the NightMare and it's 103' outside.
  205. Does anyone do this like I do????
  206. New posts
  207. I love beer..!
  208. My wife Tee bought US both PaPaJohn's custom shifters!
  209. Just received our new ABS covers! WOW!!!
  210. Check out our new T-Shirts!!!
  211. My 5 speed pen!!!
  212. Durham VA prostate cancer treatments now finalized!
  213. Need all the prayers I can get ...
  214. Street legal bumper cars ~ LOL
  215. Ut OH... my SRT is getting worn out! LOL
  216. Check this out! Charlotte DSM photo!
  217. WOW, check out this minature wonderland!
  218. Micro chip implant allows terrorists to speak to god
  219. My hometown in NY renames highway in tribute to Viet Nam Veterans!
  220. WOO HOO; 1st week of Treatments DONE: Back home for the weekend!
  221. Finally; decent HOTEL Internet! YEAH!!!
  222. Attention all super moderators and admin!!
  223. Cool billboard shot
  224. WTF??? Cowboys vs. Packers Game 11/15/09
  225. been gone for awhile
  226. Back in Durham; weird request today!!!
  227. Got excited for a MINUTE.....
  228. Happy Birthday Tommy!!
  229. Woo Hoo; after today's treatment 1/2 way DONE!
  230. How pumpkin pie is made!!!!
  231. Lil' bit of bad news from the VA today!
  233. It's Tough Getting Old
  234. Cell Phone Stories
  235. Anyone in School???
  236. The greatest man pic ever,,,almost.
  237. How to tell your drive to and from work will suck
  238. Redneck Santa?????
  239. Jeep SRT8
  240. FINALLY, My LAST week at the Durham VA Hospital!!!
  241. Merry Christmas!
  242. Check THIS out!!! I think it's so Very Cool!!!
  243. A couple of Christmas Cartoons....
  244. AND.... YOU think you live on a BAD road!!!!
  245. WOW, 2000 posts!
  246. Happy Holidays
  247. The twins got together for Christmas!
  248. WOW, our picture was chosen for the Custom Magnum.Com Calendar!
  249. So what did you get for XMAS
  250. Worst Christmas Gift this Year???