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  1. Check Engine Light
  2. Added several pictures to my album
  3. My new car cover; installed today!
  4. New milestone for me yesterday...
  5. Some pictures of my car
  6. Found a good deal, I think!
  7. Well, first problem with my 06 Mag SRT!!!
  8. Some New Mods
  9. Took the srt in for trans leak!
  10. Got Uconnect hooked up in my SRT.. AWESOME!
  11. Visited the Dealership today!
  12. Had some of my SRT paperwork laminated!
  13. Got some new pictures yesterday
  14. Spring Cleaning
  15. 2008 Charger Speedometer
  16. NO, I didn't.... oh YES, I DID!!!
  17. New Mod's
  18. New BT Bling from Mopar Show OFF
  19. Last minute warranty work!
  20. Hey... my first "REAL" mods today!!! Finally!
  21. FocuzTech Devil EyeSS™ Blade™ Installed!!!!
  22. Haven't driven the SHADOW since K&N CAI installed!
  23. A "MOD GNOME" is helpin' me out; see my slide show!
  24. Slide show of wife's new ride!!!
  25. Fred, my Gnome, and my latest little MOD!
  26. Installed new 8.2MM Taylor shorty wires on the R/T!!!
  27. Finally got my Console switch Plates!
  28. Got my new to me Rims today!!!!
  29. OMG!!! Ya all ain't NEVER gonna Believe this!!!!!
  30. My new license plates & other stuff!!!
  31. Hey..... WHO stole my Wheels???????????
  32. My new "MINI MODS" to my R.T "LUCKY"!!!
  33. Finally pictures of our FOUR MAGNUMS together!!!
  34. Love my new 05 R/T, LUCKY, but.....
  35. Added a new badge to my Magnum SRT!!!
  36. Got my console switch plate installed today!
  37. A new MOD for the wife's car!!!!!!!!!
  38. Well Tees' 06 SXT (The DEMON car) is down again!
  39. My wife Tee gets me an early birthday present!
  40. My latest "mini" mods to three of our Magnums!
  41. "His" and "Her's"!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEIR'S!!!!
  42. The story of 4 sets of rims lol
  43. Confiscated Magnum SRT8 for sale
  44. A new Pappa John shifter to match the engine cover
  45. Hey!!! We just got our new PaPaJohn's shifters too!
  46. Marvin in the window!
  47. Now I lay me down to sleep!
  48. Slightly new look for the Silver Bullet... MSRT8.
  49. Third set of Brakes in 8,600 miles on my SRT!
  50. Had my new slotted rotors installed today for FREE!!!
  51. Finally a little engine "BLING" for my SRT!
  52. My wife Tee (MRS.PAID4 R/T) does a DIY MOD!
  53. New 2011 Dodge Magnum
  54. Check out this Magnum on our local Craigs List!
  55. Couple of "MINI" mods to my Magnum R/T
  56. WHAT ~ Did NOTPAID4 get a NEW car???
  57. INTERESTING EBAY & AMAZON ITEMS about the Magnum
  58. MOD = 3rd brake light cover for my Magnum SRT
  59. Finally installed my 3rd Brake light cover!
  60. Look what Hazman did for me! I LOVE IT!!
  61. CRAZY JIM does it AGAIN!!!!
  62. Crazy; YUP, just got our 5th Magnum!
  63. Magnum Photo Shoot
  64. Our 05 R/T CHANCE has a new owner!
  65. Changing wheels on CHANCE & BLUE!
  66. MODS to BLUE and LUCKY today.
  67. Well who would "thunk" it???
  68. 3 + 3 = 6... FINALLY pictures of all SIX Magnums!
  69. Had FUN: More MODs to BLUE today!!!
  70. Spent all day Moddin' BLUE again!!!
  71. Put a talkin' alarm system on BLUE today.
  72. My latest mod to my BLUE Magnum.
  73. Thanks to Darin for the "PAY IT FORWARD"!
  74. What a GREAT FRIEND; Thanks Dennis (D-Lash)
  75. Spent the last FOUR day moddin Tee's R/T
  76. Blue is in for another alignment after 1 month!
  77. OMG ~ Spark plugs were gapped @ .060"!!!
  78. Plasti dipped eyelids on 2 of our magnums.
  79. Bulbs, Vinyl Decals and Pinstripping
  80. Changing the PINKY shifter thing is NO FUL!
  81. Oil Change, Fog Light & sum paintin'...
  82. Charger front end on Magnum
  83. Tee's 05 R/T "CHANCE" ~ What HAPPENED???
  84. New Taylor 8mm Shorty Wires for BLUE & CHANCE
  85. 2013 Magnum?
  86. Just some current pictures of "BLUE".
  87. Ruined my MILEAGE; but BOY was it worth it!
  88. A new MOD for my 05 Blue Magnum.
  89. A couple of cool pictures of BLUE.
  90. Productive day, I think!
  91. WOW, I forgot how nice the SHADOW really is.
  92. DEMON gets some LOVE: New CAI.
  93. Ford Mustang Magnum?