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Conversation Between Carolina Magnum and Radglenn
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  1. Radglenn
    5th May 2009 12:43
    Thanks JIM!!!!!
  2. Carolina Magnum
    23rd April 2009 11:45
    Carolina Magnum
    Glenn, you're new avatar is nice!
  3. Radglenn
    10th February 2009 18:36
    I don't think so. and even it you had to, that would not have caused the fuse to blow, only shorts cause that...I think they were mislabled...I have LED for stop lights and they are fine, the resistance is for turn signals and I have only heard of needed that on motorcycles....VERY STRANGE!!
  4. Carolina Magnum
    9th February 2009 23:27
    Carolina Magnum
    Yeah, after something so simple could do that (and the bulbs had the exact same number on them), I'm too paranoid to try much of anything! Some one said that you have to put some type resistance in line???????
  5. Radglenn
    9th February 2009 19:50
    I don't Blame you. I wonder why the fuses blew, unless they gave you the wrong lights...weird....
  6. Carolina Magnum
    8th February 2009 05:43
    Carolina Magnum
    Honestly, after I put the LED bulbs in the rear tail lights and blew two fuses, am kinda scared to MESS with anything!!!
  7. Radglenn
    7th February 2009 20:31
    Not a problem Jim..... Like I said the only scary thing is the pillar...The sills should be easy and the CAI! I love the Sills!! maybe some day.....
  8. Carolina Magnum
    4th February 2009 22:02
    Carolina Magnum
    Sorry for the late reply!!! Here is what I have that is NOT on the car! The three guage pillar pod set... this one would be tough... lotsa wires and an adaptor that you put in place of the oil filter. Have the Lighted SRT door sills and the K & N CAI... NONE of which are installed!!!
  9. Carolina Magnum
    19th January 2009 01:52
    Carolina Magnum
    Yeah I have this CAI, the 3 gauge pillar pod set and the SRT lighted door sills but I'm still paranoid after installing the LED tail light bulbs and blowing tow fuses. JayAlbert has been buggin me about puttin on too!!!

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