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doughboy43 22nd April 2013 11:17

Dodge's return to NASCAR
Found this little tidbit on

Dodge heading back to NASCAR soon? Ray Alexander, on hand for the LX-centric Spring Festival 8, reported that Ralph Gilles told him that NASCAR funding has been approved, and that Chrysler is talking to teams. While no details can be provided, because of the sensitivity of the negotiations, this is the first time a Chrysler official has confirmed that the company is working on a NASCAR re-entry. Last month, Mr. Gilles told Allpar in New York, in answer to a question about NASCAR, "Oh my God, I can't talk about that right now. No comment on that." Chrysler's return to NASCAR presumably remains contingent on being able to sign up competitive drivers and support crew (e.g. car and engine builders).(

doughboy43 22nd April 2013 19:27

Looks Like Dodge is trying to retract what they said earlier.Guess we will hav eto wait and see.

PDATE: has added an update to this post: While it appears that Ralph Gilles did speak with Ray on this topic, there was a misunderstanding as to the context. Mr. Gilles appears to have been referring to why Dodge pulled out of NASCAR, and was essentially saying that it was not a funding issue  the funding had been approved, but there were other issues. At this time we are awaiting clarification from Chrysler, but it appears that Chrysler had the money earmarked for another NASCAR run but lost key personnel such as engine builders and top-tier teams.(4-22-2013)

Black 6050 22nd April 2013 22:04

There are rumors to the effect that RCR may go Dodge.....I find it hard to believe, but you never know.....I'll wait and see what happens.
(Would be nice to see Petty back with Dodge as they are really starting to perform once again......but again...we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out)

** I would also like to see the Challenger once again in Nationwide.....

doughboy43 23rd April 2013 14:00

Now they are saying Ralph's words were taken out of context but that he was talking about funding that had been approved for this year, not next.

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