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Black 6050 14th May 2013 16:39

SRT Going Indy Racing?
Some interesting news on the racing front....

SRT weighing IndyCar?
Posted on May 13th, 2013
by David Zatz

Recently, there has been increased speculation that Chrysler may be planning an IndyCar effort. Competing in the Indy Racing League (IRL) costs, according to Roger Penske (quoted in Sports Illustrated) one third to one quarter as much as NASCAR; Penske said he had five times as many people on their NASCAR team as their IndyCar team. While fielding a highly competitive NASCAR team may be financially difficult for Chrysler, given their relatively small size versus Toyota, General Motors, and Ford, IndyCar would be far more affordable while still reaching fans — not as many fans, but perhaps fans more likely to buy SRT cars.

As member “Hemi Magnum” pointed out, Ralph Gilles was quoted as saying he was watching IndyCar “like a hawk” last year at Homestead; and SRT sponsored the Baltimore ALMS/IndyCar Grand Prix weekend. The Allpar member as wrote, “IndyCar arguably leans more to the demographic SRT brand is chasing.”

Going through Michael Andretti could also provide a way to participate in IndyCar and NASCAR with the same partnership.

While many fans are fervent in their desire for NASCAR participation, others are less devoted to the series which was named after, but no longer uses, stock cars. There have been questions about whether NASCAR is the most effective way to market Dodge cars, given the high cost per vehicle and the possibility that other routes (e.g. advertising or television) might be more effective; it seems unlikely that, given NASCAR’s extensive rules, the company’s engineers are still finding the series to be an effective way to develop technology for their production cars.

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