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Black 6050 10th July 2013 21:28

Dodges most, least stolen
Dodges most, least stolen

*I feel sorry for the owners of Dodge Journeys and Jeep Compasses…even car thieves don’t want them…..But then on the other hand, I’ve had two cars stolen, (a Firebird T/A and a Monte Carlo SS) so maybe it’s not all that bad for these owners…………………at least they KNOW their cars will still be in the driveway. On the other hand…lookout Charger owners, do you know where your Charger is right now? (Better go look)

by David Zatz (July 9th, 2013)

Automotive News recently reported on the most and least stolen cars, per thousand vehicles produced, based on statistics from an insurance group (HLDI) and the government (NHTSA). The insurance group’s list is based on claims made, and the government’s list is based on police reports filed. The insurance group shows a much higher rate of theft, in general.

Topping the insurance group’s list are no less than five pickups, followed by five GM SUVs and pickups; no Chryslers are on their “most stolen” list, which is topped by Ford F-250 Crew 4WD, and consists of eight GMs and two Fords. There are, however, two on the insurance group’s “least stolen” list: Dodge Journey and Jeep Compass. Journey was the least stolen vehicle, according to theft claims of model year 2010-2012 vehicles, with Volkswagen Tiguan and Audi A4 making up the rest of the top three.

Going by actual police reports, Dodge Charger topped the “most stolen” list for new cars (thefts in 2011 per thousand vehicles made in 2011); it was followed by Mitsubishi Galant and Cadillac STS. Overall, the list was an odd mix of economy and sports cars, dominated by high-end vehicles (Lamborghini, Porsche, Infiniti) by also including base models (Accent, Rio, Aveo). The HHR roadster was perhaps unsurprising given its open top and high power. No Chrysler or Jeep vehicles were on that list, but Dodge Challenger came in at #10.

Chances of having a car stolen are still slim if you’re on the top of the list: Charger had 4.8 thefts per thousand produced, while #10 Challenger dived down to 2.5 thefts per thousand. No Chrysler vehicles were on the least stolen list, which, oddly, consisted mainly of high-end imported sports cars and crossovers (with Prius thrown in). The most-stolen car on the least-stolen list had just 0.2 thefts per thousand produced.

Automotive News quoted the insurance group’s Matt Moore as saying that he did not know why Charger might be popular, other than because “They’re powerful vehicles.” Pickups might be prone to theft claims because of equipment stored in the flatbed.

So far, car thefts appear to have fallen dramatically, with NHTSA saying that model-year 2011 vehicles were stolen during 2011 at a 91% lower rate than model-year 2010 vehicles were stolen during 2010. The agency said that the theft rate has fallen by an average of 13% per year since 2006, partly because of greatly improved anti-theft devices.

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