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Black 6050 25th April 2014 18:25

Chrysler discontinuing Gen II 426 Hemi
Chrysler discontinuing Gen II 426 Hemi

Anyone who is restoring an older Mopar please note that it appears as if the new Chrysler is slowly moving away from the vintage or heritage vehicles. It seems as if Chrysler has discontinued the Gen. II 426 Hemi crate engine along with blocks, heads, etc. This is all second hand information, but my source has been in the hobby for a long time and knows individuals in the industry. One source told him that Chrysler felt they had sold about all the 426 Hemi’s the mainstream or present market would bear. So it looks as if Hemi clone builds will become less and less in the future. It will be interesting how this will affect the auction market price for these clones as several in the past few years have sold for more than original Hemi cars. So the question becomes… long until the 440 crate engines and even the 340s for that matter are discontinued?

In addition to the engines going away, it appears as if a lot of reproduction body panels for the Charger, Challenger and other older Mopars are likewise going away. Most anything for the older Mopar with a Mopar part number, stocked by Mopar is likely to be going NS1 (no longer stocked). My source actually called the local Chrysler Parts department and got the “sorry that part is NS1” for many of the parts they outlined. And, it will only be a matter of time before other items such as trim and emblems also go away. This does not mean that a lot of the parts offered by outside vendors will go away, (if there is a market for them) just the parts that Chrysler is handling and stocking. Chrysler will gladly continue to allow the use of their trademark on repo parts…for a fee of course.

This is of course not good news for those of us that own older Mopars, but then I guess it should come as no surprise to those of us that have been in the hobby for any length of time. Let’s face it Chrysler/Fiat would much prefer a customer buy a new Challenger or Charger than a 40 plus year old product. The plates on have on my 1970 Daytona clone are…NS1….my new Challenger has 70 Retro perhaps that sums it all up…….

Could it be that the vast majority of Mopars have been restored, and those of us with a project will need to go back to using “used” parts to complete our projects? Could it be that many in the leadership roles at Chrysler already have their half dozen Hemi cars in a garage and want the value of them (a 401 investment) to go up? Yes, Hemi car have gone down in price for the past half dozen years from their all time high prices in the early 90’s but they are still not in any way priced like a “Yogo”. It’s all relative, if you have the money and want something…it’s priced right….on the other hand if you don’t have the means…then it’s not cheap at any price. I remember back in the day having to rundown parts before the aftermarket (and Chrysler) got involved in offering what we Mopar owners needed. It looks as if we are seeing a return to those days. Unfortunately, unlike days gone by…you will be hard pressed to found a vintage Challenger, Charger, or Road Runner in your local “junk yard” today.

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