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Black 6050 23rd June 2014 19:59

2015 300C coming late
2015 300C coming late
June 23rd, 2014
by David Zatz

The 2015 Chrysler 300C may be a bit delayed, according to sources who wrote that the final allocations for the 2014 300/300S/300C will be in September, with build out of the current model year through December.
The 2015 allocation will open in January 2015, according to this source, with production scheduled for February.

Past reports indicated that the new car would be built starting in December. The reason for the delay is unknown, but Chrysler has been working hard at ramping up production of their eight-speed automatic transmissions in Indiana; these are reportedly to become standard across the entire large car line, with Challenger and Charger already announced.

Some questioned why the flagship Chrysler would be the last to get updates; the primary reason is because it does not need them as much as the Dodges. The 300 is still selling relatively well, with some sales losses after it dropped its base trim model. The Challenger was the car most in need of updates, with the eight-speed completely unavailable; the Pentastar V6 provided substantially slower acceleration and lower mileage with the Mercedes five-speed automatic.

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