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Black 6050 16th January 2015 14:18

Hellcat Allocations Clarified
If you were wondering why your local Dodge dealer doesn’t have any Hellcats in its showroom, perhaps this will answer the question…..

Hellcat Allocations Clarified

Daniel Bennett
January 15, 2015

To clear confusion from both customers and dealers about the supercharged Hellcat Charger and Challenger allocation process, Dodge told dealers why they are, or are not, getting the powerful cars. The letter does not discuss weighting (e.g., whether it is more important to have sold many Dodge/SRT cars, than to still have a 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat still sitting on the showroom floor unsold — as a customer magnet — or does the no-sale outweigh selling more Dodge and SRT products of other sorts?)

Still, this does give more detailed information into what Dodge is wants dealers to do, in order to get their own supercharged Hemi cars.

The statement reads:

The excitement surrounding the introduction of the Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat has been overwhelming. That excitement for the most powerful muscle cars in history has driven product demand at an unprecedented rate and many enthusiasts have placed orders at a local dealer without understanding if/when that dealer will receive an SRT Hellcat.
As we listen to our customer feedback, it has become apparent that incomplete and inaccurate information abounds regarding the process by which SRT Hellcat production is allocated to our dealer body. We want to clear up any confusion that exists.
Any Dodge/SRT dealer can place orders for as many SRT Hellcats as they wish. However, because the factory can only build a specified number of SRT Hellcats each month, we prioritize each month’s available production to our dealers based on the following criteria:

• The number of total Dodge/SRT branded products (any model) a dealer has sold in the last 90 days (higher volume = higher priority)
• The number of SRT Hellcats a dealer already has in stock (higher stock = lower priority)
• The average number of days each SRT Hellcat remained on a dealer’s lot unsold in the prior month (more days = lower priority)

These criteria are intended to distribute all available SRT Hellcats to customers in the shortest time possible. Every Dodge/SRT dealer is evaluated based on these criteria in the first week of every month and available production is allocated to dealers accordingly. When demand exceeds available production, not all dealer orders can be accommodated.
Additional production capacity occasionally becomes available between allocation periods due to increased efficiency, supplier part availability, etc. When this occurs, we allocate the additional production to dealers based on the following criteria:

• Dealer overall sales performance
• The age of any existing unfilled orders (older = higher priority)
• The type of order – customer or dealer stock? (customer = higher priority)
• Vehicle configuration requested by unfilled orders

We remain committed to delivering as many SRT Hellcats as possible.

Thank you for your passion, enthusiasm and patience,

Dodge & SRT Brand

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