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Black 6050 2nd March 2015 12:33

Hellcat allocation clarified, once more
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Looks as if any dealer can get long as they meet certain criteria

Hellcat allocation clarified, once more

by Daniel Bennett
February 28, 2015

It appears that FCA is having problems clearly communicating its Hellcat allocation process to both its dealers and its customers. In an attempt to once again shed some light on the way it works, FCA posted on its blog a re-clarification (with a flow chart) of the Hellcat allocation process.

This seems much clearer, and underlines that yes, any dealer can be allocated a Hellcat as long as they meet certain criteria. A sold order (which would be verified) would end up being placed in the queue as long as all other criteria are met.

This is good news for those dealers struggling to get a Hellcat for customers that have cash in hand, and are willing to commit to purchasing before the car is built. FCA however did take a slightly admonishing tone with some dealers who are over ordering. There is no way that a small non-performing dealer can sell 20 Hellcats, so don’t try to sell that many to your customers, because you will not get them. One a month (Either Charger, or Challenger, not both) will be allocated per dealer, even for sold orders. So effectively, that means a maximum of 12 Hellcats combined per year per dealer based on sold orders only, production restraints withstanding.

There will not be 20,000 Hellcat Chargers or Challengers produced this year, but there will be plenty more than the rumored 1,200. Our estimates put Challenger production totals at over 5,000, and Charger should be able to top 3,000 in this abbreviated launch year. That is 8,000 plus Hellcats to be spread out amongst FCA’s more than 2300 Dodge dealers.

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